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Foreign Exchange Dealing Game

The Foreign Exchange dealing simulation game simulates a foreign exchange market. Participants are placed in teams of 3 people, each team representing a bank. The banks trade parcels of A$10.0m against USD with each other and the Central Bank (the facilitator). The roles of the people within their bank are Price Maker, Position Keeper and Price Taker. The roles are rotated at the end of each session of dealing.

Each bank has a personal computer to record its transactions. The computers are networked through a wireless internet and keep track of the banks’ position, profit and loss (realised and unrealised), market prices and news alerts.

At the end of the game we determine which banks made and lost the most money.

The game provides participants with an understanding of how the foreign exchange market (and for that matter all markets) work and the role of banks (as both price makers and price takers) and the importance of accurate position keeping.

This game requires no previous experience in dealing and is both exciting and entertaining.

Team Pursuit software

The Team Pursuit software is loaded with questions and answers that reflect the key learning objectives. The software can be used with just one person answering the questions or a team of 3 or 4 people. At the end of each training session, teams log in to the Team Pursuit software and answer the questions. When all teams are completed, the answers (along with the marks) are projected onto the screen and any incorrect answers can be addressed and explained. A running total of the marks is maintained for each session and a winning team declared at the end of the day.

We use this software with our treasury courses, however it can also be used to test the effectiveness of any training courses and is particularly useful where demonstrating the effectiveness of training is needed for compliance purposes.