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Treasury Advisory and Review

The treasury policy is the most important component of corporate governance over a treasury. It is the Board’s mandate to management on what is, and is not, authorised. As such, it’s important that the Policy is clear, comprehensive and current. We have had extensive experience developing, refining, reviewing and implementing treasury policies across a range of industries.

Treasury strategies are developed by management within the constraints of, and to meet the objectives of, the Board approved policy. The strategies will be adapted to reflect changes in exposures and market conditions and are designed to meet the organisation’s foreign exchange, interest rate, funding and liquidity needs. There are usually a number of strategies available to treasuries and we often help in the strategy development or review process.

Developing treasury reports, controls, procedures and performance measurement systems can be a time-consuming task that is best left to someone with the tools and experience to complete it efficiently and effectively. We have undertaken many of these engagements and can deliver a comprehensive solution very cost-effectively.

Identifying, selecting and implementing treasury systems is another area where specialist knowledge is required of the treasury needs, the available systems, the selection process and the implementation – including a comprehensive systems test program. We assist treasurers in all of these areas.

The Treasury Health Check, as the name suggests, is a high-level review of your treasury that highlights potential risks and notes areas for improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. It’s quickly executed (3 consulting days) and provides a comparison against similar treasuries.

For our treasury advisory and review engagements we spend time with you (at no cost) to specify what we will do, what we will deliver, how much it will cost and the timing. This ensures there are “no surprises” for either of us.