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This game allows players to see how profitably they can trade using historical exchange rates. It uses a database of over 20 years of daily AUD/USD exchange rates. It changes the daily rates each 6 seconds to reflect the actual exchange rate movements over windows in time. A game with a duration of 5 minutes will reflect a window of 50 working days (approximately 2.5 months). Windows in time have been analysed and classified as either high, medium or low volatility – a relative assessment against the entire database. All deals are for AUD10.0m and players can be long or short. The maximum loss is expressed as a percentage of the maximum position. However the maximum loss will be USD whereas the maximum position is expressed as AUD. An exchange rate of parity is assumed to calculate the maximum loss limit eg. a maximum position of AUD10m with a maximum loss of 6% will create a maximum loss limit of USD0.6m.
During the game, a graph will track exchange rate movements and profit and loss (expressed in USD) is displayed. The game will prevent players from exceeding their maximum position and it will cease if the maximum loss is reached.
At the end of the game, the actual period from which exchange rates were extracted is displayed.
Try it to see how much money you can make (or lose).